Hey Chris! How can I found out what cool merchandise is for sale this week?!?

Well, I'm gonna tell you: We usually keep about a dozen listings up each week on chicago craigslist (http://www.chicago.craigslist.com/). We post our phone number (847.345.4711) in the ads, so if you put the last four digits "4711" into the search box, just our ads will pop up, with the occasional oddball vintage Schwinn Spyder bike with 4,711 miles on the odometer...

Soon we should have the website www.midsummergardens.com up and running with links to photos through Shutterfly, Picasaweb, or somesuch, as we've purt near worn the fingerprints off reentering and reposting on craigslist.

And of course, there's the phone (847.345.4711) and email (clyngso@gmail.com). Ciao!

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Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories

Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories
Pocket Garden showing Swiss Stone Pine, Rugosa Rose, Witchhazel, Fountain Grass, Cranberry Viburnum and Purple Dome Aster

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Urban Industrial Freaks...look what we've got!

If we weren't so staunchly suburban, we'd love to be living in an exposed brick loft in the city, with polished & stained concrete floors and funky exposed plumbing & HVAC ductwork. Here's the thing, in that kind of space, some of the most fun things to utilize as kitchen islands, storage furnishings and such are banged up, original paint, stripped down to bare metal and waxed urban industrial Nutbusters...
You don't have to go whole hog industrial either. Good design and good lines work anywhere and who's gonna stop you from expressing your own funkadelic self? Not us...This spring we've got a number of things hidden behind door #3 to watch for, but here is a hip steel cart with cast iron wheels, original paint traces, and gouges and scuffs galore that is ready to go at just $450. It measures 21 inches wide by 48 inches long and is 34 inches high...as close to perfect counter height as you can get! We had just finished scrubbing it down and hosing it off in this photo, it has since been polished with Vinegar and Aluminum Foil and finished off with a waxing of Endust. What that does to oxidized steel is just make it gleam. Load it with your All Clad collection, stacking baskets and crates full of your worldly possessions...and send us a picture of it when you're done. Last season we sold a 1920s vintage Pollard & Sons Steel Workbench to a Lincoln Square chef, and built a gorgeous granite topped bathroom sink and counter out of an industrial iron pipe workbench frame. We'll be unveiling a gorgeous tall butcher block workbench from the 1930s by Pollard & Sons as soon as it's ready, that'll be around $650, and we have a wiregrid 5 shelf landscape nursery cart on wheels for $350 in oxidized green. Call or email us soon, 847.345.4711, clyngso@gmail.com

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