Hey Chris! How can I found out what cool merchandise is for sale this week?!?

Well, I'm gonna tell you: We usually keep about a dozen listings up each week on chicago craigslist (http://www.chicago.craigslist.com/). We post our phone number (847.345.4711) in the ads, so if you put the last four digits "4711" into the search box, just our ads will pop up, with the occasional oddball vintage Schwinn Spyder bike with 4,711 miles on the odometer...

Soon we should have the website www.midsummergardens.com up and running with links to photos through Shutterfly, Picasaweb, or somesuch, as we've purt near worn the fingerprints off reentering and reposting on craigslist.

And of course, there's the phone (847.345.4711) and email (clyngso@gmail.com). Ciao!

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Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories

Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories
Pocket Garden showing Swiss Stone Pine, Rugosa Rose, Witchhazel, Fountain Grass, Cranberry Viburnum and Purple Dome Aster

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring has Sprung, the Grass has Ris (I wonder where the flowers is?)

The first sign of spring has arrived in Glenview! Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) have sprouted...the very first sign of Stella Daylilies and Autumn Joy Sedum are evident at the office, this reminds me to mention that those of you who planted last Fall were wise to do so! We never know when the soil in Chicago will be friable enough to cultivate, and planting a new garden, with the compost, peat, excavation and compaction of equipment, can be a tentative thing. This garden at the Redfield Center was planted in Mid-May 2002 Midsummer Garden's front entry at the ASID showcase held there! Hostas and ferns that existed were already on a race to full maturity and each day, the Dogwood leaves expanded visibly! The orange flowering "Mandarin Lights" Azalea hasn't leafed out yet, and at right is a Pinus strobus 'nana', or Dwarf Eastern White Pine (dwarf confers and Rhododendrons are our specialty at MSG). The white margined Hostas are complimented by white, yellow and purple Violia and a perennial Geranium called "Mayflower". Altogether, a blousy, cottagey effect. Please call us to arrange a walkabout in your garden, discuss a new patio, consider planting a specimen tree or ornamental Magnolia or Crabapple to commemorate a birth or special anniversary. The phone number here is 847.345.4711 and our email address is clyngso@gmail.com. Ciao!!!

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  1. You are such a poet. I know literary talent runs in our family but such sweet words are the mark of genius. My snowdrops have appeared also...so pretty. I divided up that big beautiful hosta your brought me a few years ago and now I have four of them. My neighbor is envious...I've promised him one of the next divisions.