Hey Chris! How can I found out what cool merchandise is for sale this week?!?

Well, I'm gonna tell you: We usually keep about a dozen listings up each week on chicago craigslist (http://www.chicago.craigslist.com/). We post our phone number (847.345.4711) in the ads, so if you put the last four digits "4711" into the search box, just our ads will pop up, with the occasional oddball vintage Schwinn Spyder bike with 4,711 miles on the odometer...

Soon we should have the website www.midsummergardens.com up and running with links to photos through Shutterfly, Picasaweb, or somesuch, as we've purt near worn the fingerprints off reentering and reposting on craigslist.

And of course, there's the phone (847.345.4711) and email (clyngso@gmail.com). Ciao!

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Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories

Fine Landscape Design, Vintage & Antique Home & Garden Furnishings & Accessories
Pocket Garden showing Swiss Stone Pine, Rugosa Rose, Witchhazel, Fountain Grass, Cranberry Viburnum and Purple Dome Aster

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's Fresh on the Shelves at Midsummer Gardens

Company coming? Want to doll up your guest room with something unique? Set your bedside table with a wonderful vintage German-made travel alarm clock by Phinney-Walker. Round Alligator Leather case, gleaming brass trim, radium highlighted dial, keeps perfect time. No up and coming Mad Men era salesman would've boarded a Constellation for a business trip to Chicago without this in his Samsonite! Windup mechanism...just the right touch with a vintage lamp and water carafe.

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